G8T1 Oscars

Welcome to the G8T1 Oscars page!

Welcome to the KIS Class of 2017 Grade 8 Term 1 Oscars page! This term has certainly not been a boring one; in fact, everyone’s personalities shone once more. Like we’ve done for the previous terms, this page will award oscars to everyone according to their side of awesomeness. It’s the funniest of times, it’s the saddest of times, it’s the most awesome of times, it’s the most irritating of times, but most of all it’s the most memorable of times. (I think I’m beginning to sound like Charles Dickens).

The oscars list is done in alphabetical order (so no, Adi, just because you’re first doesn’t mean you’re the most handsome). Note that these oscars are not to be taken seriously; by no means do they reflect the general opinion of the class (although they may do). Most people ignore what I write here anyway, so without further ado, let us get to the oscars. 🙂


Holy Koala, Ice Cream Lord, the Trollface

Once again we start off with our friendly resident koala. (Okay, not that friendly; he does bite sometimes). For those of you who are not familiar with the land Down Under, there’s a creature known as a ‘koala’ (pronounced COH-AH-LA). Since I’m no biology expert, let us see a description of a koala from Uncyclopedia, the Content-Free Encyclopedia.

The Koala (from ‘Hoalus’ , the Greek verb ‘To unexpectedly have both your arms ripped off’ ) is a small notanythinglikeabear-like animal which lives in most parts of Australia, as well as some other parts of the Universe and traces in China. They can also be found in Koalawalla land.

This is a perfect description of a koala, and consequently, Aditya.

“Never judge a book by its cover”- this remains true for Adi; we will never know his innermost thoughts

A square is a rectangle and a rectangle is a square. (Wait that sounds weird). Since koalas like chocolate ice cream, Aditya also likes chocolate ice cream. (Wait, is it the other way around?) In any case, Aditya is the overlord of Ice Cream. He can eat it anyway you can imagine: ice cream dripping from the sides of his lips, from the front, from the back (hmm?), from the bottom, from the top, chew ice cream, melt ice cream in his mouth, and most of all actually eat it– non stop.

I thought this guy was gonna rule the universe just a few moments ago?

And who said koalas can’t make trollfaces? (Bears catch up on memes and read 9Gag too you know!)

so u think you can dance?!?


Performer: The Real Dottore!, Best Smile

This year’s oscar of the Performer goes to Antonia! Give her some looove. After all, she’s the real Dottore.

i no eviryting

Also, she’s certainly the one with the best smile in the class. Say cheese!



Lovely guy on chat, “I’m an Indian Hey~!”, Teudable Man 2012

Anush is the most pleasant guy to talk to on chat. Ever. I promise, everyone. Skype him and you will not be disappointed*.

You see this guy? He’s the one you wanna talk to.

*you might actually be ‘slightly’ disappointed if there’s a major assignment due tomorrow

Wait…although Anush is (in)famous for his chatting acts, what is better is his singing. You know Gangnam Style? You know, it’s a Korean song where there’s this guy who dances around in the elevator saying “OPPA GANGNAM STYLE” ? Well, somehow, that video has gone viral (yeah, if you want to start a viral video make sure you have a pretty looking lift) and there’s been many many many many many many many many many many many many many many parodies of it. “Oppa Indian Style” is one that’s particularly enchanting to Anush. You might see him on his bed dancing to this song…and what’s more, he might actually be sleepdancing to this video. That’s how ingrained into his genes this song is.


But if you think that’s dazzling, you know nothing about Anush. Absolutely nothing. Because in fact what contributes most to his personality is that he is the Teudable Man of 2012. 

He is both teudish and teudable, and here we are recognizing him for his efforts that got him this oscar. Good job Anush.

Never trust an inteudable person. – Ancient KIS2017 proverb


Empress of Dramaticland, Punjabi Girl, PSE Lover

“So like basically”, for the past two oscar ceremonies we’ve always dished out to Ekna an oscar related to dramaticness. (In fact, it may have been Grade 7 Term 1’s oscars that helped give rise to this term when being used to describe her). This term is no exception, but we are elevating Ekna to an even higher status: today we officially crown her the Empress of Dramaticland, Ruler of the Dramatic World, Dramatic Queen of Dramatic Queens, the Lord of All Drama.

The Holy Empire of Dramaticland: the Imperial Territory of Ekna

As a side note, Ekna’s other oscar is Punjabi Girl, because she repeatedly engaged in the crying of the name “PUNJABIIIIII” in the most dramatic way possible. Congratulations Ekna.

Ekna’s last oscar, with permission given by herself, is PSE lover, for the fact that she highly enjoys PSE class.

P.S.E: Please sit back, exhale and tell me your feelings. – Mr Park

Now let’s see a picture of a usual PSE class.

Umm…Lady Whart, we are mature…*coughs*…but let’s not get into any more trouble with her, so we’ll move on.


Mathman, Fantastic!, The #1 Korean of All Time

If you have some spare time in your hands, and it happens to be that G8B is having Math class (with Mr. Bruce), then please come and visit us for you will see something very magical indeed. Put on a suit and tie, pretend to be a visitor from some educational organization and sit and watch. You will see…Eric.

He’s the math superman.

Let me find the discriminant of x squared plus two x minus four…

And apparently, this is fantastic, because Eric also sings ‘Fantastic’, which is nice.

Did I mention that Eric is now officially recognized as our Number #1 Korean of all time? Yes, beyond any other.


I Am Number One


Evil Face of the Year, the Artist

Praew used to be the champion of evil faces. But Praew is swept to the side with Fern’s arrival to the school in G6, and this year we see the culmination of a life’s practice (hey that sounds like a nice fancy sentence!) When she stares, sparks of อำมหิต-ness can be seen coming out of her eyes, ready to strike you. Beware: this is Fern, evil face mode.

no u will not take away the milkshake im drinking right now

And in contrast with the oscar we just handed out to her, she also has her artistic side: along with Mint she’s been suggested for the KIS2017 Artist Oscar. Oh well, then congratulations to our very own female version of Picasso.

My mother said to me, ‘If you are a soldier, you will become a general. If you are a monk, you will become the Pope.’ Instead, I was a painter, and became Picasso. -Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

This painting shall be called “The Mona Lisa”!


Total Silence

Silence is more musical than any song. – Christina Rossetti

If there was such thing as a speech word count, you wouldn’t get very far if you’re counting for Inaya. She’s the one who sends out the least noise pollution, so here we recognize her: Total Silence.

No, we are not affiliated with the film.


Hairstyle Expert, rage drummer

I don’t think I could live without hair, makeup and styling, let alone be the performer I am. I am a glamour girl through and through. I believe in the glamorous life and I live one. -Lady Gaga

There are many ways in which you can tell if someone is ‘awesome’ or not. If they have white earbuds and are carrying a longer-than-normal iPhone, then yes, they are ‘awesome’ (unless you’re an Android fanboy, and apparently there aren’t too many of those in this class). If they wear sunglasses, if they watch something rather disturbing known as ‘Ducky Mo-mo’, if they don’t use their lockers and instead insist on breaking their own backs by carrying their bags around everywhere…this can all be a sign of awesomeness. Everyone in this class is awesome and they all have their own ways of displaying it, but something that people tend not to mess with is their hair. Indy is an exception. His awesome hair is the way he shows his awesomeness!

Pantene. Delighting you always. Wait…sounds strange…

Oh waiiit…no no no, I think I’ve selected the wrong picture! 😛 Okay, there, this is much better. PERFECT. Also, Indy’s also a (really rage-ish and good) drummer, so this picture shows off both his drumsticks and his hair. Perfect.

You see that hair?


Isaac Newton, the Revolutionary (Che Guevara), Airsoft Maniac

You do know who Isaac Newton is. (If you don’t know who he was. he was this all-around smart guy who discovered gravity, created calculus, wrote monstrous science books called Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, was knighted because the Queen of England needed some influential people on her side and was remarkably bad tempered.) Isaac Newton was a very curious bloke (I mean, if an apple fell off the tree, would you do a) eat it or b) ask why it fell?) and apparently our own Iya Newton is a chip off the same block. We can predict his future- he will become a scientist.

If I have seen further, then it was by standing on the shoulders of giants. Oh, and you must like my wig, don’t you?

Iya isn’t just a reincarnation of Sir Newton, however, he’s also a revolutionary, and that links him up with another dead guy: Che Guevara, Cuban revolutionary guy who is now a symbol of rebellion all over the world. Che is also famous for another reason: his picture is very often stuck on the back of trucks. And apparently Che also has this thing with apples, just like Newton:

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. -Che Guevara

And just so you get a feel of the sort of person Che was like:

I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a man. -Che Guevara

Iya car stickers- get yours today

And apparently when Newton meets Guevara you get an Airsoft maniac. Weird huh. Well, that’s the way life is. 😉


In Pursuit of Talent, Guitarist Forever (Never Changing)

Everyone has a true talent that they’re truly talented at (ha, geddit? True talent, truly talented? Oh forget it). Jacky, however sadly, is still in his own mystical soul-search in pursuit of a talent…

His talent search had led him to his guitarist career during lunchtime (although he’s still searching). We wish him for the best for his ongoing dream of continuing to play with Mr Aaron and annoy Ms Alison’s Mandarin class.

When I look to the sky….


Zanni Energy, Sports Nut

Who was the last person we gave a Commedia Dell’Arte oscar to? Oh…Antonia. Well, here’s another one who does their character exceedingly well, because his natural character fits it so perfectly. Ah, Jerry. Zanni energy is totally in you.

Yes, master?

Jerry’s also a sports nut. (Fits in with his last oscar pretty well, actually.)



Hairstyler, Cookie Baker, Raengngao Guy

Not so long ago in this oscars ceremony we talked about how people show their awesomeness through their…hair. Just like Indy, Jopang does too. Jopang does it more stylishly and hi-so-ish-iy however. He colored his hair and he changed his hairstyle. Yeah, it takes care and time to get that nice patch of hair like Jopang has.

This is where the similarities with Indy stops, however. While Indy has shouldered upon himself the artistic task of entertaining the world through lovely music, Jopang has taken the totally super important job of nourishing the community through cookies. Oh yes oh yes, Jopang is a cookie baker. A really good one at that.

Last but not least Jopang is our class’s biggest Raengngao (Thai melodrama series) fan.


The Dictator of 2012, Psychic

Ken’s oscars written by Iya.

This term Ken is still out Holy Dictator of grade 8; he has been the holy dictator for more than 3 years already, and yes he will still continue to dictate grade 8 until the end of time . Grade 8 has “The Revolutionary”, but unfortunately, he doesn’t bother to overthrow this holy power of dictatorship.

Screen shot 2012-12-03 at 6.02.32 PM

Okay, I approve.

Apparently our holy dictator is also psychic.. weird right? But that’s life, my friend. :3

Iya, am I that mean? ;(

Iya, am I that mean? ;(


Moby Godfather, Talkative of the Term, Best Election Speechmaker 

This term KK may still be “the new kid on the block” but he’s already made some far reaching impacts on the class. The first that he made was the he introduced the word ‘Moby’ to us. This is now a hot in trend word that the most elite KIS’17 students use. (Okay, I’m not being an elitist or anything. Jussayin’.)


If you’ve been around KK, you know that he…never stops…talking. This is actually a good trait, because often on the lunch table there is silence that needs to be filled. Good job KK.

“Dude Adi! Did you know…”

And separately from the last oscar (or perhaps leading from it) KK is a very good election speechmaker. He ran for the administrator office (albeit unsuccessfully) but that doesn’t diminish anything from his amazing campaigning skills. He is akin to an Obama (or a Cicero, if you’re willing to go back to ancient history).

Hello fellow citizens…

All I’m going to say is that I will to be honest and not try and help people with stuff I’m not good at. I will try but I won’t make stupid claims that won’t exactly turn out like they were supposed to be. I am being honest and all I want to say is that if by any chance I win this election, I won’t let you down. -KK


Eating Monster, Most Civilized

Takeru Kobayashi is currently the world record holder for eating. His feats include eating fifty hot dogs in twelve minutes (well yeah, since he won the Hot Dog Eating Competition for six years) and eating thirteen sandwiches in one minute. Impressive? Yes. Eating monster? What are you talking about; have you seen our KULDEEP yet?

Fifty hot dog in twelve minutes? Kuldeep will finish it in five. Ten plates of nam tok in three minutes? Kuldeep’s up for it.



Also, according to our local friendly 8A correspondent Mimmi, Kuldeep is the most civilized person in the class. I have no idea why, and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to write here, but oh well. We’ll take Mimmi’s word for it. (Other suggestions for Kuldeep include ‘most racist’, but I doubt that; after all, Kuldeep’s a really nice guy).

Or so Kuldeep says.

Or so Kuldeep says.


Down Under Nationalist, Miss Universe

Shou’d foreign foe e’er sight our coast,
Or dare a foot to land,
We’ll rouse to arms like sires of yore
To guard our native strand

-Advance Australia Fair (Australian National Anthem)

 Larissa is a total nationalist for Australia. She supports everything Australian, and it’s a total shame that the Ganges river isn’t in Australia, or otherwise there’d be infinite love for the land Down Under.


And by an overwhelming vote Larissa is KIS Class of 2017’s Miss Universe 2012. Congratulations Larissa! She’s been suggested as a super-model and such, so here we are. Please stand up and applaud our first local Miss Universe.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 8.12.43 PM



Gadget Guy, Anime Geek

Mimmi has all the latest gadgets, and he gets them very quickly. As soon as the iPad Mini is out, he’s already holding it in his palms. He uses an iPod Nano as a watch, he owns an iPhone, uses a MacBook Pro, and has a brain like a Steve Jobs.


Oh ha! I’m cooler than ya!

Utilizing the numerous gadgets he has, Mimmi can afford to become an anime geek; he has access to anime 24/7.

Mimmi in the future when he enters Anime Heaven

Mimmi in the future when he enters Anime Heaven


Sandwich Girl, UTAU-Obsessed

Everyone’s appetites is varied, and Mint has a tongue that practically cries out for sandwiches. Sandwiches day, sandwiches night, sandwiches snack, sandwiches lunch. She’s John Montagu reincarnated. (Oh, by the way, this guy was the Earl of Sandwich, and obviously he invented the sandwich).

Earl of Sandwich (1718-1912)

Earl of Sandwich (1718-1912)

The reincarnation of the Earl of Sandwich is also obsessed, not only with sandwiches, but with UTAU (a Japanese singing synthesizer app).

Mint owns the UTAU Anchor. Check her out here.

Mint owns the UTAU Anchor. Check her out here.


Dubstep Dude, Tech Guru 2012

Niki listens to dubstep. Dubstep. Big time. Hohoho. Hardcore, I see.

Niki. Communicator to aliens. Stick close to him when the Martians arrive.

Niki. Communicator to aliens. Stick close to him when the Martians arrive.

Niki is also recognized by the class as our Tech Guru 2012! Congratulations Niki, you are our local technology expert.

I'd wanted a picture of a guy holding a laptop, but sadly Google doesn't have any and I can't be bothered making my own.

I’d wanted a picture of a guy holding a laptop, but sadly Google doesn’t have any and I can’t be bothered making my own.


u better admit that im awesome


Takraw Player, Epic Man Shout, the Teudocrator

Do you know what this is? Is nots basketball. Is not the tennis. Is not baseball. It is…SEPAK TAKRAW. -TakrawUSA

If you didn’t know this before, you should know it now. Paan is destined to become a takraw world champion; she truly has talents in this field.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 4.40.47 PM

Paan’s idol

Paan at Takraw practice.

Paan at Takraw practice.

Paan also has an “epic man-shout”. This cannot be described in words; you only have to find out and hear it for yourself for you to understand what it’s like.



Last but not least, this term’s Teudocrator Award goes to Paan. This is another oscar that cannot be described in words (perhaps Paan herself cannot be described using words). We’ll leave this curious little oscar with an image.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 4.54.55 PM

It is the only thing someone would ever want. -Taylor Mali


Awesome Man 2012, Best in LA English

This is yet another oscar that doesn’t need any explanation. Pat has the rays of awesomeness shining all out of him. He is so…awesome.



Pat is also the absolute best at LA English. He’s the newly reincarnated Shakespeare. (Okay, not that newly, but relatively newly, okay?)


To be, or not to be, that is the question…


The Epic Gamer, the Mouser

Admittedly I’m not an expert on 8A so I’m relying on our other local 8A correspondent Koala for this.

Peter is Mistah Gama of this year. He’s the most epic gamer in the world. At least that’s my impression, and I don’t care what you think, too, so you better take my word for it.



To help with his gaming career, Peter also has a wide collection of mouses. If this were a criterion (The student displays a wide variety of mouses, and is able to use them effectively, etc etc) Peter would get a 10/10.


You want to pick a fight with me, loser?




HTTYD’s Biggest Fan, the Procrastinator, Legendary Writer

Por. Is. Literally. HTTYD’s. Biggest. Fan. Really. I. Am. Not. Kidding. If. You. Don’t. Believe. Me. You. Better. Go. Ask. Her.


In addition to that, Por is the class’s best procrastinator. She procrastinates. A lot. (The reason she does this is because she needs all her time to watch HTTYD). She does it until the day before something is due, and the work she turns in still gets full marks. I mean, it defies all logic, but yet she can still do it. She’s Superwoman.


Real procrastination.

But most importantly, Por’s the legendary writer of the class. She’s the King Arthur of literature. She’s Charles Dickens, Joseph Conrad, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and J.K Rowling all mixed together. Holy.



Locker lover, the Spelling Bee, Best In-Class Performer

If you walk to 8B’s locker area, you will notice something: Praew is never separated away from it.


She’s also a Spelling Bee. She always gets 10/10 on Thai spelling tests. The day that she doesn’t will be a clear omen of the doomsday to follow.

Praew's achievement is impressive, to be sure, but this was just too honest not to put here.

To be sure, this oscar is impressive, but I like this too much.

She’s also the best, best, best, best, absolute best, performer ever in PA class. Congrats Praew!

Be dramatic like Ekna. Perform it the way she would! -Ms Carol



Body Slam lover, the Pianist

Pun Pun is in *full love* with Bodyslam. Full-hearted love, no spaces left.


Another musical side: Pun Pun is the class’s best pianist, no exceptions, hands down. If the others are things like Che, Shakespeare or Dickens, this one is Beethoven.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. -Beethoven


Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)




Footballtologist, Legendary Jook Stick

If you have a question about football, you better ask Rajat, he’s the expert on everything football. (Soccer for any American-English fans here, although I believe everyone in this class is too obsessed with the Bri’ish accent to pay much attention to what the USA thinks). Football is Rajat’s life, if ManU is suddenly dissolved suicide is imminent for him.

Rajat should become a referee.

Rajat should become a referee.

Okay, so time for Rajat’s second oscar…*scrolls up*…a legendary jook stick? What?

Well, I’m not exactly sure what a ‘legendary jook stick’ is, ad I doubt that you do too, but we’ll take the 8A guy who suggested this oscar’s word for it and proclaim that Rajat is a…um…’legendary jook stick’.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 8.43.54 PM


Positive girl, PSE Hater

Sign. Sign Sign Sign. She’s the most optimistic person in the universe. Will you ever hear anything pessimistic come out from her lips? No, you won’t, it’s just not in her nature to do so.


Optimism 4 u. Delivered daily.

Sign is also in complete hatred of PSE. Yeah, she absolutely hates this class.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 8.50.47 PM


Truly Pantalone, Most Serious

Tiya is truly the Pantalone of this class. As good as Antonia with Dottore, as good as Praew with Columbina, as good as everyone at anything.


And as serious as Pantalone is, Tiya is too. Seriousness. Way to go.



Most Gorgeous, The ‘Over‘, Numerous Other Oscars

Do you know that Turbo is simply the most gorgeous person in our class? Well…he got suggested multiple times for Miss Universe, and since I really can’t have Turbo as a “Miss Universe”, this will have to do.

___สุดท้ายแฟนสวย -Turbo


Ah yes, my lord…

Turbo is also the seriously ‘over’. I’m not sure if there is such a word in English, but there is Thai. 😛 I hope you understand. No image, but you can picture it in your mind.


And Turbo ‘self-awarded’ himself lots of oscars. They are listed here.

I award my self. Cause Ken [is] too much of [a] dictator douche bag. I award myself for:
– Trolling/Annoying Mr.Bruce without getting in trouble
-Sexist most gorgeous gay in G8
-Ultimate track pad Call Of Duty guy
-Someone who gonna kick Ken butts

-Someone who will bring communism/republic back to KISCLASSOF2017
-‘Over’ Guy
-Kamen Rider , Anime, Ultraman, Marvel, DC, Capcom, Games, Cartoon Network nerd
-Crazy guy who love to go to Mr.Mike/Ms.Pat when he get in trouble without choosing the other better choice
-Best Soccer Defender
-3rd Place Tall Guy
-Annoying Guy
-Evil Master Mind

Alright, so, are we done? Good.

* * *

Here, we approach the most awaited oscars of this whole ceremony. Yes, everyone, it’s time for the teacher oscars. I have selected two incredible teachers that we’d like to remember the most this term for the oscars. Last year it was Lord Darryl and Mr Brian, this year it will be…


Walking Encyclopedia

You know Stephen Hawking? He’s a bit* smarter than me. -Mr Chris

*This is true, and I mean literally. As will be explained in this oscar.

I have a challenge for you, and here it is. Try asking a question that Mr Chris B can’t answer. “No!” you cry, “That’s impossible! I can’t do that!” Of course you can’t.


Answers question automatically- this means that what he is about to say is fact and correct.

“I’m not sure, but I think…”– you better be pretty confident he’s right.

“I don’t know…”– the information you are looking for does not exist.

Mr Chris is (figuratively) a walking encyclopedia. History, science, geography, arts- he knows it all. In all practicality he’s a walking encyclopedia of knowledge.

This is something that as a class we really appreciate, Mr Chris. The fact that you can simply answer any question we throw at you is truly amazing.


“Today in history…”. (Image credit: Mint)


Protector of Maths

The world rumbles. The skies darken. The thunder strikes down. Every day, maths is becoming an increasingly attacked subject. The use of arithmetics, the value of algebra, the effectiveness of geometry; all of this is coming under question.

Have no fear, people. Mr Bruce is here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 9.14.18 PM

Screen shot 2012-12-02 at 9.52.04 PM

MR BRUCE. Defender of Maths. (Image credit: Mint)

Please, a loud clap of applause for the teacher who makes Math class what it is today, the guardian who continues to defend the ancient subject of maths. Never will the day of calculator explosion come if Mr Bruce is here.

* * *

Well, it’s been a long trip from the top of the page to the bottom hasn’t it? Despite the crazy length of over 4000 words and tons of images we’ve used, however, I’m sure that it’s been worth it. There is no term not worth remembering, and this one is no different. Thank you to everyone who made this term what it was; we’ve all enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who helped suggested in oscars, helped out with the images, and the biggest thanks goes to anyone who simply reads this and enjoyed it. That’s the reason why this page is written, anyway: to document the memories. 🙂

Once again, if you have any questions, complaints, concerns or simply words of thanks, please comment on this page. I hope you enjoyed reading this; I certainly enjoyed writing it.




31 thoughts on “G8T1 Oscars

  1. Admittedly the G7T3 oscars were a bit better, but only because of the Lord Darryl pic. Anyway, it’s been fun writing this for quite a few years now. 🙂

    And I’m seriously not gonna write this during ‘crunch time’ like this year now.

    • Well, for the pics that I didn’t upload myself, you need to right click and view the image in a new tab. It will then show the link that I got the image from. 🙂

  2. Oi Ken, u so dictator mate. People choose me to be the miss universe u bakadiayo not lala make her 2nd miss universe. I’m miss multiverse, if u know the string theory of albert einstein.

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