G9T3 Oscars

Welcome to the Grade 9 Term 3 Oscars! After a long, exciting, adrenaline-rushing and hormone-inducing year, we have reached the end of G9. Along the way we’ve had so many random, hilarious, funny, amazing and wonderful moments and this page shall serve to forever immortalize those memories.

Before we begin, please stand up and bow to respect our great lord & savior, Genghis Khan.

*prayers for Genghis*

Grade 9 Oscars

While last year’s oscars were almost written completely by Ken, this year they are the shared work of the all-powerful CO’17 Security Council. 


Stone Age Tech

When we fundraised with #RESONANCE, we might as well have fundraised for a ‘Phone for Aditya’ foundation. In all seriousness, Aditya deserves a big round of applause for continuing his stone age tech. His laptop: a Microsoft Windows laptop. (Which is close enough to the stone age). His phone: none. His primary mode of communication continues to be a mix of words and horny noises. Stone age indeed. Once again, a round of applause for Aditya.


Renaissance Woman

Leonardo Da Vinci was a Renaissance man. Michelangelo was a Renaissance man. Coneja Sykes with our modern-day Renaissance woman. Although this term recalls memories of everything from Italy to G8 Humanities, it’s a term that’s really fitting of Antonia; she is our Renaissance woman. Amazing academic grades, amazing physical abilities, amazing dancing skills, amazing social skills, amazing flirting skills, what’s not to love?


Pun-Master / The Puntastic Punster  

If making jokes were an art, than Anush would be the Jackson Pollock of comedy, because Anush’s jokes are so simple and so obvious however no one makes them. Also similar to Pollock, Anush uses a variety of material in order to make his jokes, ranging from batman jokes to jokes about food. Anush’s unique style of jokes require a quick wit as well as great aplomb, this style is infamously known as ‘puns’ and Anush is this years, Puntastic Punster.



Dylan is a debating fanatic. Whether it’s against Ms. Alison regarding the influence of violence through media, to teachers regarding whatever they are talking about, to fellow delegates of an MUN conference, opponents in a World Scholar’s Cup debate, Science and Humanities Roundtables, and basic conversations. If Dylan gets a chance to throw in an argument, he will make his point, and he will not stand down. These are the traits of an upcoming debate master. Anyone think they can take him on?


Texting Queen

Fern’s always on her phone 24:7. At the school bench in the morning, during lunch, and even after school. You will always see her tapping away ferociously on her iPhone. It’s a wonder that the oh-so-delicate and fragile retina screen isn’t broken from the sheer force of the impact from her fingers…she is definitely the Texting Queen.


Man of the Year

What does it mean to be a man? We at the Security Council believe that a man isn’t someone who can carry the heaviest weights or run the fastest, or even someone who can eat the most chilis. No, a man is someone with a goal, and through thick and thin will perceive through all the trials and tribulations on their path to achieving this goal. Indy is a man. He was able to achieve multiple goals this year and never stopped to catch his breath, whether it be understanding vectors or putting together and playing as a band in front of a live audience. These feats have given Indy the right to be the current, Man of the Year.



Anime Boy

We still wonder what would happen if kissanime.com was down while we had free time at school. Would Iya suffocate? Or faint? Or die out of desperation to watch anime all the time? I’m still not sure, but I know this: every single time we have at least a bit of free time in class, Iya has his white earphones on. And if he has those white earphones on, then he’s watching anime. He’s the new anime boy of the class, and a real hardcore one too.


Caring Man

Caring is an IB Learner Profile. But no one cares about the IB Learner Profile. At the very least, it’s something that everyone should strive to be in their quest to be normal human beings. Jacky is a great example of one who excels with being caring. Sharing is caring- he’s always doing that. He helps people out as needed. Everyone, look at Jacky and bow to his caring-ness.



Since he was young, Jopang was a boy who loved dancing. He would wiggle all day. In fact, he wiggled enough to persuade his mom to buy a trampoline, which resulted him in wiggling AND bouncing on the trampoline and learning new, hip, rad tricks to show off Pat K. at school. He is the acrobatics boy. The one and only (after Sign, of course.)


The Resonator

There is one word out of the million or so in the english language that can describe what Ken does for our class, and that word is Resonator. A resonator is something that increases the resonance of something else, and that’s exactly what Ken does for our class. He increases the resonance of everyone and anyone around him. He makes everyone around him feel important, he helps everyone he works with be heard. There is no one in this world that can do what Ken does for the class and for that we are lucky to have, our Resonator.



The Teudocrator

The Teudocrator title is a highly prestigious title awarded only to the most  horny people in our class. Only one person will receive this title in a year. Therefore, it is only after great consideration that we announce KK as the Teudocrator this year. This is in recognition of KK’s excellent horniness, randomness, loveliness, dirty enthusiasm and Indian skills in just staying alive. May KK forever stay teudish.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 7.13.37 PM



The Poker-Face. One of the many faces of mankind. And only Kuldeep can pull it off perfectly all the time. Be it being distracted in Spanish, watching series and anime in study hall or even eating a juicy ham, cheese and bacon sandwich, he always manages the perfect blank expression. It takes the forces of many men, and possibly women, to snap him out of this state of blankness. Either way, this works greatly on teachers (nobody knows what he’s really up to on his laptop).



How does one nap for seven hours straight? Is napping for seven hours  straight even a nap anymore? And how do you nap for seven hours when you know full well that you  have a  crapload of work to do? Or that a major #RESONANCE video has to be finished that night?  It doesn’t matter. Mimmi is honestly one of the best procrastinators  the world has ever seen. Nothing, ever, gets in the way of his anime  watching. Or napping.  He is a true procrastinator.


The Creative

They say there is only one story, except that it’s been retold countless times, each round having it’s own creative spin. Mint is one of those rare people who has the ability to pump out fresh and new ideas, and that creativity is mostly channeled through her artwork. Though it can be seen in not only her sketches from math class, but also her vanity video for ICT class, her T-shirts, stickers, keychains, as well as her very own webcomic! Creativity is a gift, my friend. Embrace it, and be proud of it.


Fitness Girl 

Who’d have guessed that this year’s fitness freak is going to be…Paan?  Despite her extremely delicate, fragile and breathtaking exterior, she is actually the class’s fittest girl.  She’s the owner of every sort of muscle, from biceps to abs. She can always be spotted doing push-ups and sit-ups. Congratulations to Paan for her new level of health. and muscular awesomeness.

Pat M.

Dancer, Reborn

Our most unexpected dancer this year may happen to be Pat.. “You’re going to dance?” Mr Darryl said in utter disbelief. It turns out that Pat’s this year’s best dancer. I mean, seriously. No one else dances until their pants rip off at Sukhothai, and no one else can  be as graceful as him. Pat’s this year’s ultimate dancer- and he’s still new to it. Who said new can’t be good?

Pat K.

The Oriental Manatee

If Pat K. had a slogan, it’d be “All About China.” She is the go-to place for knowledge on everything related to Chinese culture. Which is good, of course, because as we all know Oriental Studies deserves a boost. For some mysterious reason, however, she is also the manatee. Like, you know, the dugong manatee. Yeah. Manatees are cute. An Oriental manatee? Why not.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 7.25.28 PM

Pokemon Boy / Dubstep Distributor

“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.” – Sarah Dessen. This quote perfectly captures what Peter and his library and taste in music does to the people around him, it unites them. Peter can find an EDM song for you, whether it be dubstep or trap; he’s got it all. If you’ve need a song to pick yourself up, Peter’s got you. If you need a song for your video, Peter’s got you. And if you want to just listen to some tunes, Peter and his massive earphones got you. This is why Peter is CO17’s Du-Du-Du-Dubstep Distributor.

In addition, Peter has also been the Pokemon boy of the year.


The Adviser

Whenever a person is in trouble, whenever they are at a cross road in their lives and don’t know where to go or whenever they just can’t decide whether they want ham cheese or ham cheese egg, they need advice, and Por is the best person for that, which is why she’s known as the Advisor. Providing advice for you when you don’t know what to do, whether it be dealing with friend troubles, advice on how to write a paper for Mr. Parks class or helping plan out an event like Resonance, Por is always there for you and is always willing to put time for you in her schedule. This is why she is, the Adviser.



She may be quiet, but quiet people can be fashionable. Very fashionable. You may not know her very well, but those who do will know that she’s  the fashionista.  Really.  I mean like seriously. Her shoes. Her make-up. The way she flips her hair.  Her model behavior. Everything about her points towards her being the fashionista. The fashionista.

Pun Pun

Mae Sri Ruean

Pun Pun will accept nothing less than absolute cleanliness. The moment her group arrived at the Sukhothai Homestay, Pun Pun wasted absolutely no time in sweeping the floor and cleaning up gathered dust. She even cooks, does the dishes, and plays the piano that may be used as a form of family entertainment. When you’ve got the hands and skills of a true Mae Sri Ruean, are you sure you can meet up to Pun Pun’s standards?


Mr Enthusiastic

Rajat was a very fun kid to be around with this year. His presence is made known with his catchy phrases and random doings. Rajat was HIGHLY enthusiastic this year with random hyperactive phases during Performing Arts ESPECIALLY. He will start laughing at random moments during his hyperactive phases, making for good fun. Since last year though, his KFC phase has died out, but he’s brought in more delightful things such as his hysterical laugh along with his new ability to make the trademark lame jokes. Good going Rajat.


Silent Singer

Just because you’re the new kid doesn’t mean you don’t get to shine throughout the year. Sabi has shown us that you don’t need to be loud, bombastic or overly energetic and hyperactive to be a capable singer. She sang in front of a crowd for our class’ #Resonance performance. We all know how nerve-wrecking and scary standing in front of an audience can be, especially if you’re one of those who prefers to sit at the side and keep silent. Sabi’s risk-taking actions are more than enough to convince others that a great voice can come from even the quiet.


Ms Perfect

Sign had a very perfect year. Thus a few people decided to call her “Ms. Perfect”. Indeed, a lot of her things this year were perfect. Her dancing skills, her happy-go-lucky attitude, and of course, her legendary, class wide recognized selfie skills. Let me just say that skill is a gift of god. Her huge part in #Resonance was brilliant, as she found us a foundation we could donate too along with the intense planning. Sign became one of the cheerful people of the class, never bowing down to any circumstances that were highly likely to cause rage. Overall, it was a brilliant year for Sign, and her presence made it even more exciting and fun for many people around her. Keep that happy-go-lucky attitude!


Serious Girl of the Year

Sign’s a pretty serious girl, but hell, she gets swept aside when you meet Tiya. Tiya’s stern-faced. Of course, inside her is a loving, entertaining teenager, but outside- and most of the time, for that matter, she’s the most serious girl. Ever. As she sits eating crispy roti, going near her to make a joke will only get the reply of “NO.” But she’s also responsible and hardworking. Tiya, Tiya, Tiya. We’re glad she germinated.


Elsa Fangirl

“Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore!” These words tell exactly what Turbo did this year, he let go of the shackles of peer influence and released his inner Elsa, netting him this years Elsa Fangirl. With a spectacular commitment to Disney’s 2013 film, Frozen, showing both his musical and artistic aspects Turbo presented through many mediums his deep passion for this fictional character. His notable achievements in this area are: singing the staple song of Elsa, Let it Go, non-stop both in class and out, memorizing this song in different languages (such as Thai, Chinese and Russian), creating a full body drawing of Elsa, watching the film countless times and finally arguing on internet message boards about the plot and characters of the movie. These achievements and this award not only shown Turbo’s commitment to fictional women and the pride he has following a movie that held a very female dominant audience, but it also shows his drive and resolve in protecting what he holds dear. This is perhaps Turbos most respectable and commendable trait, and is one we should all strive to posses.


Expresser of Emotions 

Behind the cold, iron-clad face is a girl of deep emotions. Veronica, you must have noticed, is still-faced most of the time. But she’s certainly not hesitant to express her emotions in the form of the most amazing facial expressions you will ever see. I don’t know if she took this trait from Kim Jong-un, that great leader who to the outside world is a brutal, emotionless dictator, but is also known to be a loving…I don’t know- husband?!!?!??!

Teacher Oscars

Ms Tuk

Child Caretaker

G9 students aren’t supposed to actually have nannies, or caretakers or whatever, but this year we’ve found one in the form of the lovely Ajarn Korapin. Ms Tuk, as part of her natural niceness, provides students with free grapes. We suspect they are straight from the vineyards of Provence. Anything else you need you can also find at Ms Tuk. How can we ever repay this great debt? Although it is not possible, at least a small way is to give her this oscar…


Mr Rick

Imperator Mathematica 

All hail the Emperor of Math, Mr Rick. In his great bid to send as many of his feudal slaves- I mean students into G10 Extended Maths as possible, he has been providing us with the highest quality teaching of math. Even if this means cramming insane logarithms a day before final exams- so be it! For this, Mr Rick must be crowned with the title of Imperator Mathematica. All hail the emperor!


Mr Park

The Mr Park Award

The Security Council sat down and considered, for a very long time, what oscar Mr Park should be given. After all, he was our homeroom this year…surely he deserves a really brilliant oscar? After much deliberating, we realized that Mr Park is simply too unique and amazing for just some random oscar. Therefore, we present him with the first ever Mr Park oscar. This is in recognition of Mr Park simply being amazing and unique the way he is, even if his uniqueness includes the same Hawaiian shirt, the same 80’s music and the same Som Tum test questions. Thank you, Mr Park!


Mr Chris V

Verka Serduchka

Mr Chris could’ve been given any oscar, really, for he is a man of a deeply interesting personality. So, of course, ‘Verka Serduchka’ is simply a blanket oscar that covers everything (there’s no reason not to give him an oscar dedicated to a Ukrainian Eurovision drag queen anyway). It cannot be doubted that Mr Chris is a wide array of bizarre personalities mixed into one- and for this Verka Serduchka is a fitting enough icon.

In any case, we must thank Mr Chris this year for:

  • Being an amazing PA teacher
  • Being amazingly random (just like Eurovision)
  • Being the only teacher who allows perverted jokes and cricket 24/7
  • Being an amazing adviser to G9, especially with #RESONANCE
  • Being the most entertaining teacher this year
  • Being amazingly patient with G9 in general
  • and, of course, being an amazing ‘Lasha Tumbai’ dancer.

Thank you!


Mr Chris as Verka Serduchka


And that, everyone, is the end of the G9 Term 3 Oscars. Thank you everyone for another amazing year, and here’s to another even more amazing one in G10.

The Security Council


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