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Behind the Mask- A Competition


Ms Lana asked me to post this on here, so here we go.

Behind The Mask – The 9th Junior Dublin Literary Awards for Thailand 2012/2013

The Junior Dubling Literary Awards is based off of the Dublin Literary awards for a work of fictional writing and are submitted from public libraries worldwide, it is one of the biggest literary awards in the world today. the Junior Award is for Thai students, that have an interest in writing. Any piece of work can be submitted as long as it meets the Terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions:
– This contest is open to all Thai students aged 14-18 years
– All entries must be in English
– Essays must be written by the student and not edited by others
– The submission must be 800-1,200 words long

There are Prizes for the best pieces of work, the Winning Author in each region will earn 10,00 baht and there are two merit awards per region, which are 5,00 baht each. The overall national winner will recive 50,00 baht in cash. The Winner will also recive a trip to Dublin Ireland(with one parent) where they will attend the Senior International Dublin Literary Awards ceremony, the world’s richest literary prize.

The theme for the 9th anual Junior Dublin Literacy Award is: “Behind The Mask”.

Judging Panel — For Bangkok and National

Dr Sirikorn Maneerin, Former president, TK Park, and former Deputy Education Minister

Declan Kelly, The Irish Ambassador to Thailand

Assoc Prof Suchada Nimmannit, Former president of Thailand Tesol, the association of teachers of English

Ajarn Atchara Pradit, Head of Children’s Literature Programme, Facutly of Humanities, Srinakharinwirot University

Pana Janviroj, President, The Nation and NJ magazine

Writers from Bangkok, Central and Northeastern Regions can send their entries via e-mail to:
Or mail to:
Patcharee Luenguthai
the nation, 1854 Bangna-Trad Rd, Bangna
Bangkok 10260
For more information, please call 02-338-3000 #1

Keep Calm and Review On!


The final exams are getting closer and closer, and obviously we’re all in a rush to review and prepare for the exams, while completing the daily blog reflections and major assessments. It’s obviously the nice logic KIS has to assign major assignments before the exams so that we get even more work to do, plus exam reviewing, which is all good fun and we can all cheer at the fact that we don’t have any spare time.

Just remember to keep calm- it doesn’t help to be madly reviewing for exams, does it. The “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster, a changed version of which I posted below, was originally made in Britain during World War 2 when the Germans launched numerous bombs over the British, and so the government decided to remind their civilians to keep calm and carry on. In the same way, I’d like to remind you to…


Good luck.